Detention – Episode 108 – Mo Egger

ESPN radio host Mo Egger provides lots of laughs as he hangs out with Josh and Mark. Join us On The Air in Detention.

Detention – Episode 107 – Tom Simmons & Ryan Singer

Tom Simmons and Ryan Singer stop by to chat about the greatest prank Josh has ever pulled, our favorite Jamie Lissow stories, dating a shape shifter, and childhood fights.

Detention – Episode 106 – Jon Fisch, Ryan Dalton, & Maria Borgio

Jon Fisch, Ryan Dalton, and Maria Borgio join Josh in Cleveland and talk about hot yoga, comedians getting electrocuted on stage, why you shouldn’t eat discount sushi, and does lettuce have juice?

Detention – Episode 105 – Bill Squire & Jim Tews

“Man in the Box” stars Bill Squire and Jim Tews, two up and coming comics from Cleveland stop by to chat with us. We talk about Jim’s new single life, skinny jeans, why Indiana Jones sucked (again), diets, and more.