Detention – Episode 122 – Tim Northern

Tim Northern is our guest for Episode 122. Learn what it’s like to be on Star Search, what it’s like to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and what it’s like to travel in style. We break it all down on 122.

Detention – Episode 121 – Doug Benson and Graham Elwood

Doug Benson and Graham Elwood join Josh on the road in Atlanta. Listen as we talk about gameshows, weed, comedy in the Middle East, and find out the title of a movie that you’ll never see. Take a hit of Episode 121.

Detention – Episode 120 – Jamie Lissow

Jamie Lissow and Matt Bergman make up Episode 120. Listen as Josh tells some of Jamie’s funniest moments and listen how alcohol makes it seem like Jamie is hearing them for the first time as well. Sober up people, this is another must listen episode.