Detention – Episode 204 – Alex Stone

On Episode 204 we bring you a real young face in the comedy world, Alex Stone. This episode is filled with funny, but also spends a lot of time debating what is really too soon, hurdles young comics face, and once again Mark gets crap for not seeing Hoosiers. Episode 204, and not a moment […]

Detention – Episode 203 – Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer makes a triumphant return to Detention this week. This is a must listen episode. We talk more about shape shifters, Studebaker Pie, answer emails, and find out about the lizard living in Ryan’s head. Full steam ahead with 203.

Detention – Episode 202 – Darrell Joyce

Darrell Joyce, comedian and author, joins us this week. Listen as we let the women know that their shenanigans will not stand any longer, the joys of working on cruise ships, and how you can win a video game courtesy of EA Sports. Set sail with Episode 202.