Season 1

Below you’ll find a list of all of the episodes of “Detention” in Season 1. To download an episode, listen to it on this site, or just learn more about it, click on the episode name.

  • Episode 126: Bobcat Goldthwait and John Evans
    Bobcat Goldthwait and John Evans join us for the Season One finale. We talk about Bobcat’s new movie “World’s Greatest Dad” starring Robin Williams, where his character came from, and why he’s trying to venture away from it. It’s one crazy summer on episode 126.
  • Episode 125: Tim and Jeff
    In our 25th episode and we welcome good friends and radio gods Tim and Jeff to the show. We talk about dealing with radio listeners, girlfriend sexy text etiquette, and make fun of anyone who hasn’t seen Ghostbusters II. Don’t be afraid of no show, it’s 125.
  • Episode 124: Josh and Mark
    In this episode, Josh and Mark catch up after a few episodes on the road. UFC, wedding etiquette, and we catch up on all of the celebrity deaths. No moments of silence, it’s episode 124.
  • Episode 123: Live from The Aspen Comedy Festival
    We come to you live from the Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival for this freeform show. Over 7 guests sit down to talk comedy, sports, movies, the impact of September 11th on dogs, and we even do a little jam band. Epsiode 123, easy as ABC.
  • Episode 122: Tim Northern
    Tim Northern is our guest for Episode 122. Learn what it’s like to be on Star Search, what it’s like to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and what it’s like to travel in style. We break it all down on 122.
  • Episode 121: Doug Benson & Graham Elwood
    Doug Benson and Graham Elwood join Josh on the road in Atlanta. Listen as they talk about gameshows, weed, comedy in the Middle East, and find out the title of a movie that you’ll never see. Take a hit of Episode 121.
  • Episode 120: Jamie Lissow & Matt Bergman
    Jamie Lissow and Matt Bergman make up Episode 120. Listen as Josh tells some of Jamie’s funniest moments and listen how alcohol makes it seem like Jamie is hearing them for the first time as well. Sober up people, this is another must listen episode.
  • Episode 119: Geoff Tate
    It’s the return of our first guest, Geoff Tate. Lots to discuss on today’s show including baseball, the validity of Ferris Bueller, Mark’s honeymoon, and a great chunk on the worst weddings we’ve ever been to. Say “I do” to Episode 119.
  • Episode 118: Andy Hendrickson
    Andy Hendrickson is our guest, and Dave Waite fills in for Mark who is on his honeymoon. In this episode, we talk about bad comedy shows, rat infestations, backhanded compliments from fans, and ways to have fun in Europe.
  • Episode 117: TJ Miller
    Film and TV star TJ Miller stops by to discuss his movie “Cloverfield”. We also learn what the Saturday Night Live audition process is like, help Mark cope with losing his job, and we even have a visit from Satan. This is a CAN’T MISS EPISODE!!
  • Episode 116: Pat Dixon
    Pat Dixon joins us to discuss lies and the liars who tell them. We wonder if Mark is actually marrying a woman, what makes memoribilia worth money, and poker horror stories. Go all in, it’s episode 116.
  • Episode 115: Dave Waite
    Dave Waite, our favorite creepy guy, explains what good stalking weather is, how good his “Hell Upnorth” tour was, and makes his run to become the next co-host of “The Detention Show”.
  • Episode 114: Jimmy Pardo
    Jimmy Pardo joins us for the funniest episode of “Detention” yet. We talk sports, comedy, movies, reality tv, uses of the word “gentleman”,and we’re 100% sure you’re going to love it.
  • Episode 113: John Evans & Taylor Williamson
    John Evans and Taylor Williamson join us for one of the most entertaining shows yet. John tells you how to make millions at thrift stores, we discuss Mark’s second stand-up performance, and everyone thinks back to their favorite TV show themes.
  • Episode 112: Keith Alberstadt & Mark Eddie
    Keith Alberstadt and Mark Eddie join us for Episode 112…where the players dwell. We debate which Rocky movie was the best, do awful Yoda impressions, share rat infestation stories, how to punk a Playboy playmate, guilty pleasures, and a whole lot more.
  • Episode 111: Wix Wichmann
    Comedian, record label rep, and professional drinker Wix Wichmann stops by. Hear Wix teach Josh the difference between country and western, how the Dixie Chicks act offstage, and what it’s like to be featured in American Drunkard magazine.
  • Episode 110: Darin Overholser
    Darin Overholser returns as our first repeat guest. We talk about the humanzee, glory days of pro-wrestling, and Whiplash the Rodeo Monkey.
  • Episode 109: Jimmy Dore
    Jimmy Dore hangs out to help disect Mark’s first time ever doing stand-up, pranking vs pretending, a political rant, and our first phone call to the show thanks to Todd Glass.
  • Episode 108: Mo Egger
    Talk show host Mo Egger drops in to talk about the Oscars, nerds at Comic Con, obscure 80′s baseball players, and joins Josh in making fun of Mark and his marriage retreat. Plus, a joke from Ryan Dalton.
  • Episode 107: Tom Simmons & Ryan Singer
    On this episode, Tom Simmons and Ryan Singer stop by to chat about the greatest prank Josh has ever pulled, our favorite Jamie Lissow stories, dating a shape shifter, and childhood fights. Plus, a joke from Jon Fisch.
  • Episode 106: Jon Fisch, Ryan Dalton, & Maria Borgio
    Josh is on the road in Cleveland, OH recording a show with friends Jon Fisch, Ryan Dalton, and Maria Borgio. This week, we talk about hot yoga, comedians getting electrocuted on stage, why you shouldn’t eat discount sushi, and does lettuce have juice? We also tell our favorite Bill Burr stories.
  • Episode 105: Bill Squire & Jim Tews
    “Man in the Box” stars Bill Squire and Jim Tews, two up and coming comics from Cleveland stop by to chat with us. We talk about Jim’s new single life, skinny jeans, why Indiana Jones sucked (again), diets, and more.
  • Episode 104: Eddie Gossling & Matt Fulchiron
    Eddie Gossling and Matt Fulchiron are our guests this week. 90 minutes of hilarious conversation on everything from crazy website names to disgusting internet videos. We discuss Oscar films, meet Barack O’Cosby, and we have the world premiere of Eddie and Matt’s rap group’s first single, “Track 1″.
  • Episode 103: Dave Waite
    Comedian and Podcaster Dave Waite is our guest this week. On this episode, we discuss bad comedy club accomodations, bad podcasting techniques, how to talk to girls, and what it means to wear your creepy on the outside. Plus a joke from Geoff Tate.
  • Episode 102: Darin Overholser
    Talented artist Darin Overholser joins Mark and Josh on the second episode. The fellas discuss ghost stories, ziploc omelettes, little people in a big world, and a whole lot more. Plus a joke from Mario DiGiorgio.
  • Episode 101: Geoff Tate
    Geoff Tate joins Josh and Mark for the first episode of “Detention”. In this episode, the fellas discuss movies that stand the test of time, Christmas traditions, a joke from Jimmy Pardo, and whether “Sweet Home Alabama” = “A Christmas Story”.